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Transporting Oxygen on School Buses

Posted by Bill Westerman on Thu, Jul 25, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

shutterstock 72998368Sometimes school age children need to have access to Oxygen while riding the school bus. Because this presents new challenges to you as the school district, we thought we would go over some important guidelines for transporting oxygen on school buses. 

  1. Oxygen may be transported on school buses only when it is medically necessary. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) for a student should document the oxygen use and transportation requirement.

  2. Prior to initial transportation, and pursuant to a physician’s order, school administration and transportation personnel should be informed as to the type and size of the oxygen tank that will be transported.

  3. If Liquid Oxygen (LOX) is being transported, the vehicle should be equipped with a blanket and gloves to deal with potential frostbite incidents.

  4. Prior to initial transportation, school administration and transportation personnel should contact the manufacturer of the oxygen tank for product specific information regarding transporting the tank on a school bus.

  5. When it is determined through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) that a student shall be transported on a school bus accompanied by an oxygen tank and any other medical support equipment, it is strongly suggested that a school bus attendant or nurse also be assigned.

  6. The determination as to what is considered to be “medically necessary” and “as needed” is the responsibility of trained medical personnel only. This decision is not the responsibility of the school district, the school bus driver, or the school bus attendant.

  7. It is suggested that only one (1) tank per individual be transported on the school bus whenever possible or in cases of emergencies.

  8. The school bus driver and the school bus attendant should be properly trained in the safe handling and securement of the oxygen tank. They should also be thoroughly familiar with the contingency plan established in the event of a collision or breakdown of the vehicle. However, under no circumstances should the school bus driver or the school bus attendant attempt to administer oxygen to a student. 

Because transporting oxygen on school buses may make bus drivers nervous, it's important to equip them with these (and other) tools to use in their efforts to keep our children safe. Specific training should be administered to all those who will come in contact with the child and his/her oxygen tank.

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