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You might need a new school bus if...

Posted by Bill Westerman on Tue, Jun 18, 2013 @ 10:05 AM

old school bus photoJeff Foxworthy is a comedian known for his “You might be a redneck if...” jokes. Perhaps you’ve heard some.

Today, we’re aptly adjusting his joke to, “You might need a new school bus bus if...”

We know that new buses are expensive and that they’re not always in the budget. (Some can cost up to $100,000, according to Yahoo Answers.) But you need to know when it’s time to request an update in your aging fleets.

Without further ado, “You might need a new bus if...”

It’s breaking down regularly enough to warrant having a teacher on board.
Breaking down is nothing to laugh at, we realize. If your bus is causing your students to be late to class on a regular basis, it’s costing them a portion of their education - and it’s likely causing parents to be late for work, too.

It’s old enough to vote.
The average life of a school bus is 12 years. While you can often get away with routine maintenance for a few more years, you don’t want to stretch out the mileage too long. The money you put into minor repairs could be going toward a brand new model.

It’s hotter than hades in the summer and colder than the North Pole in the winter.
Temperature controls are more than merely a comfort issue. If your bus doesn’t have air conditioning or heat, it becomes a health issue. You can cause kids to get hypothermia (being too cold) or hyperthermia (being too warm). 

If students have to balance themselves on the seats because there’s no padding.
While we’re all for having strong quad muscles, kids shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable on the seats. If there’s no padding left - or if the leather has worn through - perhaps you should consider an upgrade.

All joking aside, school bus safety is an important issue to consider. If your fleet is aging, it might just be time for an upgrade.


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