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Asset Tracking from Synovia Solutions

Posted by Bill Westerman on Tue, Oct 04, 2016 @ 09:32 AM

If there’s one thing businesses like to do, it’s maximize profits.

This can be done in several different ways. One of them is to maximize your uptime and minimize your downtime. If your employees are busy working, they’re busy making the company money. Another way to increase profits is to limit what your company spends. The less money that goes out the door, the more that goes to the bottom line.

With asset tracking from Synovia Solutions, you can do both.

First, let’s focus on keeping your employees working. 

When you have an asset such as a shutterstock_127728257.jpglawnmower, a backhoe, or a portable storage unit filled with equipment your employees need to do their jobs, you want that asset to be available when you need it. Because if it’s not, your employees can’t work, and they can’t make you money.

With asset tracking from Synovia you can know exactly where all your pieces of equipment are at any hour of the day. If an asset goes missing you no longer have to spend valuable employee time tracking it down, and you don’t have to have an employee sitting idle because they don’t have the equipment they need to do their job.

With asset trackers you are also able to keep a tighter record on the number of hours a particular piece of equipment may have been used, which means you can keep tighter control over maintenance. Just how long has it been since the Bobcat you use for landscaping work had its oil changed? Knowing information like this allows you to do preventative maintenance instead of costly repair work. All of this leads to increased productivity, and increased profitability.

So asset trackers can help keep employees working, and that helps keep money coming in. But the most impressive thing about asset trackers is how they can help boost the bottom line by helping to keep the money from going out.

To begin with, there is the obvious: asset trackers help prevent theft. If a company is known for putting trackers on its equipment, it’s less likely that thieves will be tempted to try to steal it. It’s also less likely that employees will “borrow” equipment from the company without approval – equipment that may just end up in the back of that employee’s garage for years to come.

It is estimated that the cost of equipment theft to companies can range between $400 million dollars and upwards of a billion dollars per year, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates that only about 23% of all equipment that gets stolen ever gets returned.

With an asset tracker, if you unfortunately are the victim of theft, you won’t just know it was stolen, you’ll know exactly where your stolen piece of equipment is – and the authorities are far more likely to be able to assist in recovering your assets when you can tell them exactly where to look.

Finally, many insurance companies are willing to drop your insurance rates if you have asset trackers attached to your equipment, so there’s a cost savings associated there as well.

So why use Synovia’s asset trackers?

Since asset trackers can save you money, what makes one asset tracker different from the rest? In our case it’s the company that supplies them and supports them.

Why does Synovia say you’ll have a better experience with our trackers? The answer’s two-fold.

First of all, there’s ease of use. In the time it took you to read that last sentence you could have probably installed one of our trackers. And once they’re installed, you can begin tracking your assets right away. There’s no need to get back in touch with the company that sent them to you and ask that they, “turn them on.” They arrive at your door ready to go.

Secondly, as a customer you will also have access to our online support center, which we call the Customer Portal. Synovia’s Customer Portal lets you search for solutions, create a case, or check on the status of an existing case. You will also have access to live customer support 24/7.

Something else that we feel needs to be said about our company, is the history of the clients we’ve worked with. Because we’ve worked with so many different companies, we have the experience and knowledge to understand what customers want and expect from an asset tracking company. School systems trust us to keep track of their school buses. Construction companies depend on us to keep track of their equipment. Municipalities rely on us to keep track of their public utility vehicles.

So if you think that saving money with GPS asset tracking is something that your company might benefit from, why not ask for a demonstration from a company that shows what true customer service is? Reach out to us here at Synovia Solutions.


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