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Posted by Christina Dieckmeyer on Wed, Jun 07, 2017 @ 07:00 AM
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You’ve decided you need a GPS tracking solution. The benefits are all too clear, and it’s time to make the change. But how do you ensure that you make the best decision possible, and that the implementation of the solution goes smoothly? There are a couple of simple things you can do to mitigate your risks when implementing a fleet management software solution.

Do Your Homework

6.7.17_Blog.pngFirst and foremost, you need to make sure you have a solid understanding of what you need and why. What is the driving force behind the decision to use a GPS tracking system? What problems do you need the solution to solve? Only with this understanding will you be able to select the best solution for your school. And since there are many different options out there, be sure to research each of them thoroughly. Ask for a demo or even a free trial before you buy to ensure the solution will work for your specific situation.

Determine What Kind of Insurance Is Provided

6.7.17_Blog2.pngThe better the system (and the company), the more likely they are to be comfortable with offering you some kind of guarantee for their product. Do they offer hardware warranties? Are they willing to reimburse you for downtime? Are you given spare hardware up front, so if there’s any kind of failure you can replace a malfunctioning unit right away? The better the guarantee, the more likely it is you’ll be happy with their services, and the less risk you take on with the implementation of the software.

Ensure Your Team Is On Board

6.7.17_Blog3.pngAs with any large project, you need the buy-in from your team to ensure success. The best way to get it is through communication. Determine your message and make sure it is consistent across the board. Explain
the benefits that the entire district will experience, from better route management to significant time and cost savings. Finally, ensure that you have a training program in place. Select a vendor that provides solid training materials, such as on-demand videos and webinars. 

With the proper preparation to reduce your risk, a GPS tracking solution project can go off without a hitch, and begin to provide benefits immediately.

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