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Student Ridership: Tracking Your Bus Riders

Posted by Christina Dieckmeyer on Tue, Sep 19, 2017 @ 09:00 AM
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One solution that gives you the visibility you need.

9.19.17_Student_ridership.pngDid all of your students get picked up this morning? Were they picked up and dropped off at the assigned stops? Which students are on bus 11 at this moment?

Transportation departments are often asked questions exactly like these. Luckily, there’s a way to easily answer these questions and many more. Because when schools use a student tracking system on their buses, they know exactly where and when students board and exit the bus.

Student tracking software gives school administrators and parents comfort in knowing their children made it safely on and off the right bus at the right locations. The software uses a barcode or RFID proximity reader on the bus. Students scan their ID card as they board and leave the bus, giving the district actionable information in the event that a student attempts to exit at the wrong stop. Additionally, the reporting features in the software are especially helpful to those in transportation. Those reports include:

  • Accurate rider manifests for each bus in the event of an accident or emergency
  • Rider counts for state audits, Medicaid reimbursement, or utilization assessments
  • High-level summaries for a single day or longer time period
  • Detailed daily reports on total routes, single runs, or individual stops

9.19.17_Student_ridership_2.pngGet the Big Picture

Transportation folks can search by school or itinerary to see a complete view of the district, or they can drill down even farther for more detailed reports and compare the planned and actual capacity.

Know Who is Where

9.19.17_Student_ridership_3.pngStudent tracking software is an easy-to-use solution as well. No time is lost in the process, as students can quickly check in and out when entering and leaving the bus. This simple action gives fleet managers relief in knowing that students are boarding the bus at the right stops in the morning and arriving at the right stops in the afternoon.

9.19.17_Student_ridership_4.pngGet Instant Visibility

With mornings becoming more and more hectic for parents and schools alike, a student tracking software solution is just one more way you can bring instant visibility and peace of mind to everyone. Districts with this solution in place never again have to ask themselves, “Where are my bus riders?”

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