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Posted by Christina Dieckmeyer on Tue, Jul 25, 2017 @ 09:00 AM
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How Synovia partners to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by school systems

7.26.17_GPS_Tracking_Partners.pngMany times, when schools are considering a GPS tracking solution, they are trying to solve more than one problem. Maybe they are not only looking for better route management and fuel efficiency, but would also like to understand how to better maintain their buses. Or maybe the school is concerned with both accurately tracking time and attendance as well as providing better visibility to their drivers. They may wonder whether it’s possible to accomplish all their objectives in a streamlined manner, without having to juggle multiple vendors and projects. To combat this problem, Synovia has taken a unique and unmatched approach to partnering with leading companies to provide our clients with the best and most robust experience possible. As there are many things schools need in addition to their GPS tracking solution, it just makes sense to partner with other great companies to provide a one stop shop for our clients.

Improved Visibility with Safety Vision

Bus drivers need visibility when driving, both to what’s going on inside and around their buses. This is exactly why Synovia partnered with Safety Vision, one of the most recognized vendors of mobile video surveillance products in North America. The company has over 25 years of experience, and has sold over 1 million recording systems.

School buses are one of the most heavily used forms of public transportation around. More and more parents are trusting buses to get their kids to school in the safest way possible. Video surveillance is one of the latest tools that districts can use to make sure kids are transported to and from school safely every single day. With this solution in place, drivers can keep tabs on the kids, and just the mere presence of a camera usually deters behavior problems.

Drivers also no longer have to rely on their limited visibility on the road. For example, a backup camera can ensure no obstacles are in the way of the bus. By partnering with Safety Vision, we can now offer our clients increased visibility and safety for student riders. Bus drivers can then better keep an eye on the kids and on their surroundings.

Better Route Management and Bus Maintenance with Transfinder

At Synovia, we strive to provide schools with a comprehensive transportation management system. Our partnership with Transfinder is one way in which we do this. Transfinder is a global logistics software company that is recognized as one of the easiest and most intuitive methodologies for transportation routing, scheduling, planning, and communications. The software is designed to integrate seamlessly with Synovia’s suite of solutions, providing our clients with a complete fleet management solution. Our clients are able to integrate their routing systems with their GPS in order to have an instant and complete view into their fleets.

Synovia has also partnered with Servicefinder (another Transfinder solution). Designed solely for school bus maintenance, the browser-based solution offers schools a new way to tackle the complex administrative tasks associated with keeping a fleet of buses running smoothly. By partnering with Servicefinder, we can now offer schools a fleet maintenance program for vehicles, parts, inventory, and work orders. The solution allows for better quality control and more streamlined operations, which saves schools valuable time and money. With this partnership, fleet management has been simplified and expensive maintenance costs have been reduced.

Increasing Student Productivity with Kajeet

Synovia has recently added a new partner to the mix. We are working with Kajeet to extend the classroom to the school bus for our clients. According to the American School Bus Council, 26 million students ride a school bus each year. This equates to quite a lot of idle hours spent on the bus over the course of the school year. Additionally, a surprising number of students do not have access to the internet in their homes – roughly one-third of students lack the access needed to complete homework requiring broadband access. To overcome this issue, imagine a scenario where a student could instead use travel time to work productively on school assignments. This is exactly why we decided to partner with Kajeet.

With the help of our new partner, we can now offer our customers filtered wi-fi connectivity on buses. With the Education Broadband program, schools and districts are in complete control of their off-campus, academic internet connectivity. They can decide which traffic is allowed and which is blocked when connected to the bus wi-fi.

And with this solution in place, students can now use time going to and from school, sporting events, or field trips learning and completing homework in a safe, monitored environment. It’s mobile learning for your buses with a student-appropriate, filtered, 4G LTE mobile internet.

Providing Reliable Coverage with Verizon Wireless

Synovia has also partnered with Verizon Wireless to benefit our customers. Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world, and the company has transformed how people stay connected over the years. They also have the best nationwide coverage and the best network backup infrastructure. These are just a couple of the reasons why Synovia partnered with Verizon.

Our customers get to experience the advantages daily. For example, our partnership with Verizon prevents any overage charges for our customers, so they never run out of data. And all of Synovia’s devices, including in-vehicle screens that display information for drivers, connect quickly and easily to Verizon’s network. Verizon’s coverage and redundancy ensure reliable service, so you can always know where your buses are.

Synovia’s Exclusive Value to the K-12 Industry

Unlike many of our competitors, Synovia has made a concentrated effort to expand our solution set through partnerships. We believe that we set ourselves apart from the rest by offering a truly comprehensive solution for the K-12 industry. In the past, meeting all of a school’s needs would require multiple implementations, support systems, and invoices. But districts no longer must find and then work with multiple vendors. Instead, school districts can work directly with Synovia to get all the solutions that they will ever need from one vendor.

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