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The Benefits of Fleet Management Software

Posted by Bill Westerman on Tue, Aug 09, 2016 @ 02:27 PM

Fleet management is a difficult proposition. You are being asked to manage people and ve
SYN-Leading-The-Way-290x226-1.jpghicles, both of which are out of your sight for most of the day. Most factory managers will tell you supervising employees can be difficult enough with them right there in the building, but trying to manage employees out in the field makes things even more difficult, and at times frustrating.

Improved Fuel EconomyWhich is where the many benefits of fleet management software come into play. With fleet management software, companies gain the ability to virtually ride right alongside with their drivers. Which leads to numerous benefits.

Quite possibly the most impactful, when it comes to positively influencing the bottom line, there’s improved fuel economy. With fleet vehicle management, companies can keep track of the speeds at which their drivers are traveling. A lead-footed driver will burn much more fuel than one who obeys the posted speed limits.

They can also keep track of idle times. When a driver arrives at his or her destination do they turn off their vehicle or do they just allow it to idle? On top of all this, fleet managers can see exactly what routes their drivers are taking. Are they going directly to the intended destination or are they running by the local coffee shop to get another cup of coffee for the day. Day in and day out this all adds up over time.

Decrease Fleet Expenses

While your driver’s own personal vehicles may be meticulously maintained, that’s because it’s their own vehicles. When it comes to your fleet vehicles, their attention to maintenance may not be quite as acute. Besides, they might not even be driving the same vehicle from one day to the next. So as a fleet manager it falls on you to make sure your vehicles are being properly maintained and looked after. With fleet tracking software you can automate your maintenance and be alerted of any fault codes. This will keep your vehicles on the road longer and spend less time in the shop repairing what could have been prevented in the first place.

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Increased Safety and Security

Fleet tracking systems allow you to know exactly where your vehicles are at any time. You can also set boundaries and be informed of when they have either left or entered those boundaries. This allows you to reduce your exposure by reducing unauthorized use. It also allows you to track down any vehicles, should they be stolen. And more importantly you can see just how your vehicles are being driven. Are there hard starts and stops? Do any of your drivers require further training on ways to more safely operate their vehicles? And at the same time, you can protect your drivers from any unfair complaints about speeding through residential neighborhoods. With fleet tracking you’ll know for sure (and can prove) if it was your company’s vehicle, or if the person complaining has confused your vehicle with another.

Improve Your Customer Service

By tracking your vehicles more closely you’ll have a better idea of just where and when they will be able to arrive for their delivery or appointment. You can call customers ahead and give them more accurate arrival times. And if vehicles need to be rerouted to take care of a customer’s needs you’ll know which of your vehicles is closest to that customer’s location.

Reduce Labor Costs

Or more appropriately, with fleet management systems you can track what the true cost is on certain delivery runs or appointments. Fleet tracking systems also allow you to get a better handle on just which one of your drivers are getting close to going into overtime.

Driver Satisfaction

While some drivers may complain that fleet management systems remind them of “big brother”, many more know that with fleet management their bosses will have a better idea of which drivers deserve more positive recognition. Most drivers would like their supervisors to know that they’re respectfully representing the company when they’re out in their vehicles.

In all, the benefits that come from fleet management systems are many. Add them all up together, and multiply that by the number of vehicles you have to manage, and you get a better idea of your overall savings. Not to mention, that as managers you now can also effectively manage your employees with facts, and not rely on hearsay or what limited time you actually spend with them before or after they’ve been on the road.

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