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Three Reasons to Install GPS Tracking on Your School Bus

Posted by Bill Westerman on Tue, Jul 09, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

School Bus Tracking with Here Comes the BusWhen it comes to safety on roads, no amount of care is adequate, especially when it comes to children. Installing a GPS system onboard a fleet of school buses can exponentially increase safety. Here’s why:

Avoid Rash Driving

According to a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the past decade (i.e. from 2001 to 2010), there were 1,236 cases of fatal school bus accidents. Of the 1,368 people who died, 72% were not occupants of the school bus. Negligent and rash driving often result in the deaths of innocent people on the road.

When GPS systems are used, school authorities or even civil administrations can have a check on the driving habits of school bus operators. They can determine the speed, accurate driving path, time (etc.) and interact with drivers in real-time if they detect unusual driving patterns.

Convey Real-Time Information to Authorities and Parents

With a GPS-based monitoring system, live updates of the location of the school bus as well as the route it covers can be passed on to parents as well as school authorities. Time and location information to parents can help them get their kids ready in time and saves time for operators.

Determine quicker and more efficient routes

With the help of GPS tracking on a live basis, school bus trip planners can determine the shortest driving path with least traffic congestion. Buses can save on fuel and cut down on fuel consumption. With over 90% of school buses operating on diesel, shorter trips can cut down on emissions, causing less strain on the environment.

Evidence for events and investigation

A fourth reason would be to ensure that there is video and tracking reports as evidence in case of an accident or investigation. Based on GPS-based tracking information along with video surveillance information, the exact location of the school bus at a particular time or at the time of an accident can be traced and analyzed.

As you can see, having a GPS onboard a school bus can turn out to be a life-saving option. At Synovia, we are committed to providing you with state of the art GPS solutions for your school buses that will ensure safety and timely information. For a detailed consultation, please feel free to contact us via email at or through our toll free number 1.877.SYNOVIA (1.877.796.6842). 


How to Increase School Bus Safety

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