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What Can GPS Do For You?

Posted by Christina Dieckmeyer on Tue, Jul 11, 2017 @ 08:00 AM
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Are you sure you know all the benefits?

It’s imperative that you understand what GPS tracking can do for you. What are all of the benefits experienced by businesses and school districts with fleet management solutions in place? At a high level, there are some key performance indicators GPS can give you immediate insights into. Because, ultimately, the transportation team must get their vehicles where they need to go, safely and on time. 


How GPS Can Help

Tracking in Real Time

With a GPS solution in place, your tracking options are endless. Whether you need visibility into your entire fleet of buses or just a few, tracking and reporting is seamless. The data is provided in real time via an easy-to-use software platform. You have instant visibility into your fleet. This data can then be used when issues arise. Now, if a parent calls to complain or question whether a bus made the right stop, you’ll have the data to back you up.

Customized Boundaries

Another perk to GPS tracking is easily customizable boundaries. Define the areas you want to monitor and set up a custom geo-fence. You will then know precisely when vehicles enter or exit these areas, giving you insights into things like on-time departure and arrivals.

Custom Alerts and Reports

Once you have your solution installed, you can set up all kinds of alerts and reports to make your day-to-day job easier. Alerts can come in the form of pop-ups, emails, or text messages, depending on your preference. You can also easily see and overview past alerts, and review new ones to dig into specifics to determine when and why they occurred.

Ultimately, a GPS tracking solution will not only lead to better management of your fleet, it will also send the message that your business or school district is serious about providing the best possible transportation service.

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