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Posted by Christina Dieckmeyer on Wed, Apr 12, 2017 @ 10:30 AM
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4.12.17_Blog_Post.pngOne recent trend in transportation is video surveillance. Many schools and businesses have installed fully integrated video surveillance in their fleets. It allows the drivers to see and capture what was invisible before. And this added visibility equates to added safety.

Eyes in the Back of Your Head

Surveillance can be particularly important for schools. Without it, drivers can struggle to watch and monitor students’ behavior while on their routes. Drivers are severely outnumbered, and need to be concentrating on the road. But bad behavior, if not corrected, can cause trouble on a bus. In the past, bullying, vandalism, and other student discipline issues would often take place and go undetected. This is no longer the case with video surveillance. Even the mere presence of the cameras can make a difference. Kids think twice about misbehaving if they understand their chances of being caught are much higher with video monitoring. And if they decide to misbehave anyway, the proof is in the pudding. There’s no getting away with it when the bus is equipped with cameras.

Video surveillance not only provides visibility into what the riders are doing, but also gives drivers a new awareness of their surroundings. For example, bus drivers must be aware of what happens after the students step off the bus. Has the student cleared the path of the bus? Or do they know what’s behind them when reversing? These unknowns are removed with video surveillance. Drivers no longer rely on the little that they can see.

Video monitoring can boost safety in other ways as well. That car that just flew by your stop arm? Video surveillance can capture the license plate. Are you unsure if all drivers are coming to a complete stop at railroad crossings? The video captured on the vehicle will give you a definitive answer. Was there an accident, and you are unclear about who was at fault? Again, video footage will show you exactly what happened and give you the answers you need.

For school systems and businesses, video surveillance provides immediate results and increased safety. At the end of the day, the “eyes in the back of your head” bring peace of mind to both drivers, and fleet managers alike.

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